Cut price owl encounter

H13 Hawkforce Falconawkforce are happy to provide a Christmas gift to you all, from now until the end of 25th December 2013 we are offering our owl encounter for just £25 per person. Orders placed after this date will be charged at full price.

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Merry Christmas from all at Hawkforce.

Dobby's Fun Fact of the Day Christmas Edition

Did you know?


The song 'Partidge in a Pear Tree' is incorrect. Partidge birds are actually ground dwellers and are rarely seen in trees.
Also the pear tree would infact be out of season in winter therefore wouldn't be a brilliant present as it would have no leaves or fruit.


Ugly gift indeed!!


I'll be back for the Christmas period to bring you a new fun fact each day :D

Information about Mice

A mouse is a small mammal belonging to the rodent family. The common house mouse can be an ideal pet. They are loving, playful and can be handled with practice. Mice never need bathing and are meticulous groomers. Other species of mouse are, field, american white-footed and the deer mouse. The mouse is one of the most successful mammalian genera living on this planet today.

False Widow Spider, hype or a genuine concern?

False Widow SpiderSo recently there has been a lot of news about the False Widow spiders spreading across the country and biting people. Is it all hype or is there a genuine concern that these spiders are on the increase and you should be on the look out for these spiders?

At Hawkforce we believe that, although these are the most poisonous spiders in the UK, there is no real worry about being bitten and this is backed up by spider expert and British Arachnological Society member Greg Hitchcock who says: “Some people can have bad reactions just like they do with wasp or bee stings. The risk of being bitten is very, very small”.
He added: “It's unlikely they have massively increased this year but there has been a massive increase in public awareness”.

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